Thursday, May 12, 2022


My book SYLVIA KRISTEL:  FROM EMMANUELLE TO CHABROL is now shipping from Cult Epics.  Folks that pledged to the campaign last year or who pre-ordered from Cult Epics are receiving their books right now.  
The general release date from all other sellers, including Amazon, is June 8th.  
It’s very exciting that the book is finally out and I hope all that have received it are enjoying it.  Please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other retailer, if you are. 
Thanks so very much!

A Look Inside SOLEDAD No.6


Soledad No.6 is now available at Amazon. Featuring a brand new interview I conducted with legendary Dutch filmmaker Nouchka van Brakel, this latest issue is just a few bucks and is over 100 pages. Along with the lengthy van Brakel interview, No.6 features an interview with Samm Deighan discussing her new book, The Legacy of World War II in European Arthouse Cinema, and contributions from Marcelline Block, Ruth LaSure, Tara Hanks, and Emily Clare Bryant.    

Getting the opportunity to interview van Brakel was one of the highlights of my professional career so far, and I am incredibly proud of this issue because of it. She discusses her entire career with a special focus on her films A Woman Like Eve, The Debut and The Cool Lakes of Death. These three films are featured in the remarkable new Cult Epics box set. Van Brakel also discusses the film she made with Sylvia Kristel as well as the rest of her incredible career.

Here are a few exclusive low-res sample pages from the issue.  



Originally from Kentucky, Jeremy Ross Richey is a Washington State based writer who specializes in film and music related pieces. His first book SYLVIA KRISTEL: FROM EMMANUELLE TO CHABROL is coming out in late 2021 from CULT EPICS. The editor and publisher of the quarterly print journal SOLEDAD (and formerly ART DECADES), he also created and runs the blogs Moon in the Gutter and Fascination: The Jean Rollin Experience. His work has appeared in the pages of The World Cinema Directory, Screem, Rue Morgue, Weng’s Chop and Amplifier. He also contributed liner notes to CD releases THE B MUSIC OF JEAN ROLLIN collection and the LE FRISSON DES VAMPIRES soundtrack. He has also appeared in documentary films on THEY ALL LAUGHED and I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE and contributed to numerous Blu-ray releases including MADAME CLAUDE and THE SYLVIA KRISTEL 1970’s COLLECTION.

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